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How Do Snowmakers Work?

Jan. 10, 2022

Blue Ocean Snow Making Machine

Blue Ocean Snow Making Machine

The AMETEK snow maker ejects a mixture of water and air in an appropriate proportion through a nozzle ring with 330 special nozzles. Under suitable weather conditions, this mixture of water and air will crystallize into tiny snow crystals before reaching the ground under the action of a low-pressure fan.

Due to the flexible regulation of water flow and the use of a scientific nozzle ring design, from the absolute critical/limit temperature range to the low temperature range, the snow generators can efficiently perform snow making operations, and the snow is large and the snow quality is good. The air compressor is located below the hinge cover or detachable cover.

Blue Ocean Remote Control Snow Making Machine

 Blue Ocean Remote Control Snow Making Machine    

Is water temperature important?

Yes. Snowmaking is a heat exchange process. To make snow, water is atomized under pressure through nozzles to the freezing point and nucleation (seeds) are introduced to aid in the freezing process. Most ski resorts that make snow pre-cool the water by pumping it into waxing ponds or using cooling towers. Any effort to pre-cool the water aids the snowmaking process, resulting in better snow quality (drier snow) and better results in marginal conditions.

What is Wet Bulb Temperature?

Web bulb is the lowest temperature that can be obtained by evaporating water into the air at a constant pressure. The term comes from the technique of wrapping a wet cloth around a mercury bulb thermometer and blowing air over the cloth until the water evaporates. The wet bulb temperature is always lower than the dry bulb temperature (temperature measured without a wet cloth) in the same surroundings. The wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures can be used to calculate dew point or relative humidity.

Snow Making Machine

 Snow Making Machine    

Why doesn't the spray coming out of the bottom nozzle look like the others?

The upper nozzles are the higher volume spray, the bottom nozzle is low volume high pressure, this spray intersects with the compressed air stream which creates the nucleation for the top mist.

The water source can pass through the swing joint under the base of the snow maker or flow directly through the water tank and valve before entering the nozzle ring. After the snow machine is closed, it can be drained on its own. The electric control box is located on the side of the snowmaker.

The freeze-prone parts of the snow maker can effectively prevent freezing by installing heating devices, and the fan can rotate upwards or horizontally.

The Blue Ocean artificial snow making machine has a compact structure, a modular design, and easy installation. Just connect the power source and water source, and you can put it into use directly. The amount of snow in the snow blower for landscape can be adjusted according to actual needs, and it can be divided into heavy snow, medium snow and light snow. The effect of scattered snow on the sky is obvious, and it can meet the needs of 20-50 square meters of snow in the landscape.

Let us help you find the best ski resort snow machine for your project. When you contact us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation. If you want to get more information about the snow making machine price, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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